A Story Of Finding Overcoming Fear.

Nitro Dentists is the combined dream of 10 passionate, reach-for-the-stars kind of dentists, hellbent on making a change to the world and giving everyone a chance to see what great quality dental care feels like.


For the longest time, we were living under the impression that people just don’t care enough about dental health to visit the dentist unless they experienced discomfort to the point where they couldn’t sleep anymore. Something didn’t feel right about this.

We started exploring, getting on ground and speaking to people, which is when we realised that it’s not that people don’t care.

It’s that people are afraid.

When the 11 of us came across each other at various points in time, we realised that we all shared a common dream.

To destroy that fear.

We devoted our time and efforts to finding out the best ways to make patients feel safe, calm and comfortable in our care. We became obsessed with the idea of a world where people wouldn’t hesitate before getting dental treatment. We needed to find the right solution. The right answer.

Enter Nitrous Oxide.
And Nitro Dentists was born.