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A Dentist's Guide to Administering Nitrous Oxide Safely

Nitrous oxide is the safest way to sedate yourself or your child during dental treatment compared to other sedation procedures. Why is it so? Nitrous oxide is just a laughing gas inhaled by patients undergoing dental treatment and reduces pain and anxiety during dental treatment. A nosepiece is given to breathe in the gas, and you are awake during the dental procedure. The team of Dentists at Nitro Dentists are on a mission to remove the fear from patients in undergoing dental treatments, and they know the use of Nitrous oxide in a safe way for both children and adults to make your dental visit a comfortable one! You can contact them here to book your appointment at any of their multiple locations.

Precautions for Patient Adherence

The dentists administer the intake of Nitrous Oxide Safely by making you aware of points of adherence before the procedure. The safety rule is to have a light meal only two hours before your scheduled nitrous oxide sedation for your dental treatment. After that, whether a child or an adult, no liquid or food will be eaten until after the procedure.

The Dentists at guide you thoroughly to ensure your or your child's safety!

Precautions By Dentists During the Procedure

There is a proper method by which experienced and expert Dentists at Nitro Dentists ensure the sedation of Nitrous oxide safely! You or your child is given the sedation on the dental chair, where you are asked to breathe nitrous oxide through a small nosepiece that sits on your nose. Don't worry, it does not cover your mouth, so you stay comfortable!

What to Expect After Nitrous Oxide Sedation?

The dentists at Nitro Dentists will resolve your questions in case you'd like to know and understand what happens to nitrous oxide to you or your child before the dental treatment. Take a look at what to expect!

  • The expert dentists, while giving the nitrous oxide, monitor the patient's level of sedation to ensure they can still cooperate and follow verbal instructions.

  • Once the administration of nitrous oxide is done safely, the patient undergoing the dental treatment will feel sleepy and relaxed. However, the patient will still be conscious and aware of their surroundings, though not entirely. Sometimes, they could be forgetful and unable to remember the procedure afterwards.

What to Expect After The Dental Treatment is done?

Once the nitrous oxide is administered safely by the dentist and dental treatment is done, you or your child will recover from the effects of the nitrous oxide very quickly. There could be an experience of slight nausea, but intake of water will resolve the issue.

Wrap up!

Don't compromise! Please don't go for any sedation procedures other than nitrous oxide, as it is the safest. Talk to the dentists at Nitro Dentists to know more! Click here.

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