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Patient Comfort and Anxiety Management: Nitrous Oxide Vs Sedation Methods

Research says that a maximum of people like you and me prolong our dental treatments just because of fear and anxiety of visiting a dentist and undergoing the drills, pain and discomfort! However, at Nitro Dentists, the team of 11 dentists across multiple clinics come with the mission statement of destroying the fear and anxiety in patients by making them feel calm, comfortable and safe in their care!

Well, it's definitely not magic or any other sedation methods! It's the Nitrous oxide sedation method that provides many benefits concerning your physical and emotional well-being when dental treatment is essential. So, there are different methods of sedation adopted by various dentists, and all of them have variances in terms of how they are administered and their level of consciousness. Nitrous oxide proves to be the safest and most effective sedation method adopted by dentists at Let's find out why!

What exactly is the Nitrous Oxide Sedation Method?

Nitrous oxide is a highly effective analgesic gas, also called laughing gas, with a chemical compound of N2O. It has the power to calm you down to ease the fear and anxiety of needles and drills that occur owing to the uncomfortable, invasive sensation of having fingers in the mouth while under dental treatment.

Patients sedated with nitrous oxide at Nitro Dentists have shared that it gave them a sensation of floating and happiness while being conscious throughout the dental treatment to respond to the questions raised by the dentists during the treatment! It's the best sedation method when it comes to patient comfort and anxiety management! Get in touch with the expert dentists at

What makes Nitrous oxide the best sedation Method?

As compared to the other sedation methods used by dentists, nitrous oxide at Nitro Dentists proves to be the safest method. Here are some reasons that make it the best choice!

· Nitrous oxide sedation method does make use of any needles! The gas is inhaled through a mask.

· The sedation comes into effect on you just a few minutes after inhalation of the nitrous oxide.

· You get back to your regular awareness within 5 minutes. The recovery time for the entire mental state takes longer with oral or IV sedatives.

Types of Other Sedation Methods

The other sedation methods are divided into the following types:

· Oral (partial consciousness) – It requires preparation a night before your dental treatment by taking a pill.

· Intravenous (unconscious)- It's an invasive sedation method that involves a complete level of unconsciousness for the patient and requires a significant amount of post-visit coordination, too.

Final Thoughts!

Nitrous oxide, as adopted and recommended by the dentists at Nitro Dentists, is by far the safest and most effective as compared to the other sedation methods. Seek your comfort and stay away from fear by visiting Nitro Dentists for your dental treatment. They prove to be the best both for children and adults. Click here to learn more!

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